God Helps 4-Year Old Child Win Board Game With Family

This testimony was shared with The Greater News team at an event.

God helps child win board game

On June 8, my wife, our four-year-old daughter, and I played the Sorry! board game. My wife drew a “Sorry!” card and sent our daughter’s pawn back to start.

Our daughter was more than disappointed. She was distraught. She started bawling. My wife and I turned to each other and gave each other the "oh no!" look. My wife managed to comfort our daughter a little, but she was still very upset.

When it was our daughter’s turn again, she drew a 2--allowing her to move her pawn from start--and a 4, allowing her to take the shortcut. "I prayed for the 2," I admitted to my wife.
"I prayed for them both!" she said.

The daughter was now only 8 spaces from finishing, but she was still upset.
The next time our daughter’s turn came around, my wife said, "Daddy God, please let it be an 8."
I suddenly felt God's presence.
Our daughter picked up her card.
She turned it over.
And it was...an 8!
So, thanks to God's favor, she won and ended the game very happy.