A False Spirit Masquerading as Jesus was Cast Out - Oak Tree Ministries - Bill Irwin

Bill Irwin sent these testimonies to The Greater News. Oak Tree link is on our connections page.

Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries -

... a HeartSync early in the month brought us a young woman from a Christian home and a great current ministry.  But she was filled with fear.  As we brought her heart to Jesus, the fear increased, and it seemed He was demanding things from her ... more service, no mistakes ... and she grew more afraid.  The more we pressed in the more fear.  Bottom line, it wasn't Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords at all ... it was another, false Jesus ... a spirit masquerading as Jesus.  When the True Jesus came, it all changed ... He sent the false Jesus out and His peace and joy flooded in.  She left with no fear and no need to "do" to earn God's love.