Fibromyalgia and Compressed Discs in Spine are Healed - John Mellor

John Mellor (TGN shared from facebook - John Mellor website link is on our connections page)

This lady suffered fibromyalgia pain throughout her body for several years, she had compressed discs in her spine which caused a lot of pain and she had liver and heart problems. She was the first person prayed for yesterday and she used a walking stick to slowly hobble to the front. After prayer in Jesus' name, all pain left her and she walked swiftly and easily without any support and her racing heart beat had stopped so she was not breathless after walking up and down the church many times. Her whole countenance and posture changed after she was healed and she couldn't stop smiling. She came to the evening meeting and testified how wonderful it was to be pain free and to do simple things like bending over without having to guard her back. How awesome is Jesus, restoring health and life to those who seek Him!