Demons of Lust Cast Out of Men - Michael Smith

Michael W. Smith  Aug 17, 2013

Last night's healing and deliverance service for men was odd. Too much machismo. No real brokenness. Even my teaching felt a little off. It was nothing close to the service 3 months ago for the women. However, half way thru the altar service one of my partners advised me to have a "lust" altar call. I did and the front filled with men. The war started. Powerful lust demons were manifesting and coming out with anger. One spirit started yelling like the one in Mark 1. "Don't touch me. I will never come out." One man had a "spirit wife" and the demon kept saying "nooo noooo" we said "yes" and he jerked out of the man's stomach. One man got delivered from lust and got his gift of Tongues for the first time. He felt a clawing in his stomach leave. One man got healed of bad feet. One man got healed of sciatica. One man had a spirit wife and it would not come out even after several other demons had left him. Come to find out he was living with his girlfriend and had not repented of porn. Some of the men just stood there and would do nothing. They did not get delivered. 3 women showed up for the altar service and went thru strong deliverances. They were being healed of bad men.