Broken Toe Healed Over the Phone - Duane Finnie

Duane Finnie  Aug 17, 2013

My friend Matt who lives in NC called me up to say that a week ago he was playing kickball with his children and went to kick the ball and missed and broke his toe Ouch!!! He got a stint and special boot , a lot of pain and swelling , doctors say 6 to 8 weeks or more. He was sitting in his car while his wife was in the store. Can I pray I asked and he kinda said yes , I released the Kingdom of God and quickly asked how does your toe feel? He said actually its feeling better , I said do something that you couldn't do before , press your foot down and he said it feels better just a little bit of discomfort and swelling. Father in the name if Jesus I command all discomfort and swelling to go! Bones mend now in Jesus name .i said
Check it again , now he can put full weight on it praise God!!
Awesome God !!
Mighty God!!!
Hallelujah :-) im sorry but I'm happy !!
Amen he called me because I prayed for him a couple of years ago for a very bad back and God healed him. He was skeptical at first until God healed him and now Matt and his family are believers in Christ .