Joyful Spirit of God Heals Sciatic Back Pain - Sandy Nagy

I am a substance abuse and mental health counselor working in a Secular agency in downtown Tucson, Arizona.

I asked the Lord for a word of knowledge. Instantly I heard, “Native American man with back pain and right knee pain.” I had a sense it was a sciatic nerve problem. This time, all of the people in the first two stories had graduated from the group so I had no previous testifiers, but I had told their stories to this particular group. There’s were only 5 or 6 people there at this setting. The funny part about this whole thing is that as I approached the group room to get started, this JOYFUL Spirit came upon me and I was laughing and giggling as I entered the room. Everybody was looking at me askance. It’s not that I’m never joyful, but not usually laughing like that. We had one Native American man in the room and I looked at him and chortled out, “Do you have back pain?” He looked up in surprise and somewhat expressionless and admitted that he did. I asked a couple of the men who were close to him to lay hands on him and all I said was, “The Lord Jesus heals you!” and laughed. I felt like Kevin Dedmon. He just sat there. I asked him if anything was different and he said a slow, expressionless and cautious, “yes.” Turns out he had sciatic nerve pain in his back that radiated down his right leg. He couldn’t work because of it. He was instantly healed. For several weeks after that I’d check in with – “Still no pain?” and he’d give this half smile and say, “Still no pain.” He went on to prison after that but always said he was ready to go and do his time. I can imagine his witness in prison! I prophesied over him that when he got out he would go back to his Nation and start a recovery group there. The rest of this story is still to come.