Painful Deliverance Brings Woman Back Into Freedom

Michael W. Smith  Aug 13, 2013

A woman came for counseling. Her life was in shambles. Her husband of 30+ years was a stranger to her. He kept all the finances and family documents secret for years. He had lovers, bank accounts, hidden documents and had changed everything: wills, lfe insurance, mortgages, contracts, etc. It was horrible. She was being attacked by fear, confusion, depression, grief, agony, revenge and she wanted to die. She was so sick she could not call an attorney for help. They were seperated. She talked in a muffled tone. It was one of the worst cases I have seen in 31 years of counseling. It was one of the most painful deliverances I have ever seen. After she repented the spirits began to leave her body with agonizing cries, tears, stomach wretching, body cramps and soul grinding. It went on for an hour. Spirits of betrayal, rejection, lying, fraud, terror, suicide wiggled their way out with agonizing groans. Almost like snakes. It sounded like she was having a baby. Her husbands transfer spirits came out of her stomach and her womb. It looked like she was in agony as her body twisted and doubled over. To my surprise, spirits from childhood started to come out. Child abuse, abandonment, grief, rejection, adultery, critical self hatred. The spirits would howl in agony as they left. The soul pain was enormous. So was the victory. Her gift of Tongues was infected and it cleared. She sang in Tongues for the first time and loved it. She had a personality change. It was amazing. All her body pains left and she was light and happy.