God Healed Boy of Facial Warts After Confessing His Sin - Christian Assemblies International

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Hi from Australia,

My name is Philip. about a year ago I had lots of small warts on my face. Mum, Dad, and I kept praying for them to go away, but they did not and even more were coming up. One day when doing some schoolwork God reminded me of a bad word I had said when I was with some school friends. God kept reminding me that I had to confess this to my parents, but I was scared of being punished. I had no peace about this and one day I really had to tell my Mum. As I told her, God reminded me of other bad things I had done, like saying mean things to my sister, and eating chocolate out of the fridge without asking. The more I confessed the more bad things I had done came to my mind. I did this for three days. The amazing thing was that after the third day we realized that all the warts on my face had gone! My Mum showed me that what had happened is described in the Bible:

 “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me” (PSALM 66:18).

Now I know that God cannot help us when we hide things.

Love in Christ, Philip