Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer Miraculously Disappears on Test Results After Prayer - The Greater Works

Cancer Gone ! (TGN shared from The Greater Works website - link is on our connections page)

Someone was told by doctor a week ago that a biopsy showed stage III inflammatory breast cancer.

We prayed and met on Tuesday, the evening before the next doctors appointment.   This person overcame fear and torment and harassment of the devil and chose to believe against all odds.   Despite the diagnosis that had been given and the report of the tests, I said 'I'm going to believe for a misdiagnosis tomorrow'. Guess what? Next day doctor said 'there had been a misdiagnosis'!! How often does that happen and on demand? From a report of death to a report of life overnight. Heroes of faith still exist!   Jesus said- Where two or more are gathered together in my name there I am also in the midst and if you speak anything in my name BELIEVING then it shall come to pass. Let's believe for some God-promised stuff! Let's glorify our King by believing Him: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Heather writes:

In July 2010, a car accident, where I received what is called a seat belt rash, pushed forward the early detection of what they said could possibly be breast cancer. A biopsy was ordered, and in a few weeks confirmed, stage III  inflammatory breast cancer. Statistically the number one most deadly breast cancer. I was given six months to five years, with the statistics again being against me, at only forty percent surviving five years.

Devastated, I kept this to myself, figuring, once the mention of radiation or chemotherapy came into play, I would begin explaining to my family at first. Just four days before Thanksgiving, those treatments began to be suggested by the beginning of the year. I looked at my doctor, asking him if it was possible to refuse treatment, that I was sure that I would not need to go that far. He looked at me and handed me papers, telling me to read them, think them over carefully and sign them. I reached for his pen, and signed the papers there, handing them back to him. He told me I was free to go, and he'd like to see me the next Wednesday for more blood work.

That Monday, I contacted Lyndsey, of Greater Works Ministries, and discussed with her what had just been diagnosed, and spoken over me. What I had refused as far as treatment. Explaining to her, that I was scared, but that my faith in Christ was telling me to lean on Him. She met with me the next evening, praying and declaring that the blood work would miraculously return normal the next day, that there would be no trace of cancer ever being in my body, specifically: THAT A MISDIAGNOSIS would be pronounced. Leaving this meeting with confidence, returning home for a good nights sleep. I go to the doctors office the next morning,  do my blood work. Within hours of leaving, I am called for an immediate return, they needed more tests! As I checked back in, they explained that the doctor wanted another biopsy done, as well as all of the blood work from the morning repeated. By six that evening, the doctor himself called me, to tell me that the blood work showed all cells normal, two tests in a row. The biopsy would be back in a few days, he had put a rush on it, but that as far as he was concerned I was cancer free. Within two more weeks, after verbally announcing that I had been healed of cancer. It was confirmed. I was 100% cancer free! Thank you Jesus!