Depression Healed - Bethel



This testimony is from Tanja Hanson who lives in British Columbia, Canada.

I have been on antidepressants for approximately 14 years, since our second child was one year old. What started out as postpartum depression developed into clinical depression. Living with depression while on treatment had become a normal way of life for me and my family. I still battled very difficult times. But no more!

On March 22, 2013, my husband, daughter and I visited Bethel Redding.   The Friday night meeting was so absolutely amazing! We were blessed by the wonderful worship music as well as Kevin Dedmon's message. Here is what happened. Just five days prior to visiting Bethel, we attended Kim Walker-Smith's "Still Believe" worship night in Vancouver, BC (March 17). For two and a half hours Kim ministered to me through her worship. The Holy Spirit was all over us, such sweet worship! I asked for healing during that evening and believe that I was healed!

The second part to this is that I went forward to receive prayer after the Friday night message at Bethel, and asked for a covering of the Holy Spirit and confirmation that I could stop my medications. Stopping antidepressants “cold turkey” is generally not a good idea medically, but it has now been over three months and I am still praising Jesus everyday for my healing. I have never felt so alive, so confident, so focused at work, and just plain “on my game.” Words cannot express how thankful I am.

My daughter also received prayer for her migraine headaches and they have significantly decreased.

We bless you, Bethel, for the amazing ministry you have that has touched not only my family's lives but also lives all around the world.