Eyes Cleared Up, Hobbled Woman Dances, Son Without Father Feels Gods Love - Bethel - Chuck Parry

June.27.2014 (TGN shared from Bethel Website - link is on our connections page)

Chuck Parry traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia, to speak at a healing conference, attended by 1500.

The first night of the conference, people got healed during worship. Chuck asked who could feel their symptoms had diminished, and people stood up all over the auditorium.

The second day, a lady who had taught on dance brought a long blue fabric on stage that represented the river of God, and people danced under it. After 15 to 20 minutes, the presence of God increased in manifestation so strongly. An amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit came, and people were getting healed going through the river of that fabric. People stood up to testify they had been healed doing that. People were healed of all kinds of things. Then that night they released words of knowledge, and there was a sweep of healing.

Seven hundred people came to the Healing Rooms Saturday night. Chuck got to hear the testimonies on Sunday morning. So many things happened. Healing broke out in all six of the attending churches on Sunday morning.

One woman, about 70 years old, had not been able to read her Bible because her glasses had gotten so bad. She was so excited because after receiving prayer, her eyes cleared up, and she could now read and demonstrated it by reading her Bible.

A woman in her late 70s hobbled around with had bad knees and ankles. God healed her, and she danced from midnight until 1 a.m.

A young man was really touched during the conference. He told Chuck he had some problems and wanted Chuck to pray for him. Chuck said, "I feel like I am just supposed to come over and hug you and prophesy over you." Chuck hugged him, and he started crying. Chuck did not know his situation, but he said to the man, "The Father is saying, 'You are a son I love. I never miss your games. I come to all your games.'" Then he told Chuck he did not have a father. He was so touched by the Father's love as expressed through Chuck.