The Blind See, the Lame Walk, the Diseased Healed - John Mellor

John Mellor

So many miracles happened this weekend at Nowra! A blind lady came with her white stick and Jesus restored her sight and she could see again after more than 2 years!! A young man limped on a walking stick was healed of painful crippling Achilles' tendon and fibia injuries and rode a cycle marathon to the amazement of his friends. Crutches, walkers, sticks, braces were discarded. Painful incurable diseases healed. In the photo is a 34 year old lady who was healed of a lifetime of scoliosis pain. It was the first time in her memory without constant pain and headaches!!! Too many miracles happened to even mention here. The best of all is that people received Christ as Lord!!!  Awesome Jesus!!!