Hand Broken with a Chipped Bone Healed - Doctor Verified

Maria McTeague Sainz  Jul 8, 2013

I was at a church in our local beach cities here in SD and the Pastor and his son just got back from Randy Clark's Global awakening intensive school. We greeted them back and I noticed the son, DJ had stiff wrap on his rt. hand. He had broken it in several places with a chipped bone. I asked if I could pray for it and called forth what wasn't as if it were. New bones from Heaven! We saw DJ on Saturday night at their church service. He exclaimed that he went to the doc on Tuesday and they took an xray and the doc could not explain that there was no chipped bone and his hand was completely healed! C'mon Jesusssssss!!!!!!!!!
This healing really touched DJ's heart. They brought back FIRE to their church!