Hotel Manager is Healed - Amber Sloan

Amber Sloan  Jul 6, 2013

My new friends, Nate and Nicole Masdon, were not able to cancel their hotel reservations without still getting charged full price, so they decided we'll go get the room keys and hunt down some houseless friends to board for the night! We went to the hotel and rather than giving the manager a piece of our mind, we gave him Jesus! I asked the Lord how we could bless Allan the manager, if he had any pain in his body or any needs. I instantly got a twinge in my back, so I asked Allan,"Hey, do you have pain in your back?" He said yes and continued working. After he finished scanning the room keys I said," Let me see your hand!" He held out his hand, I grabbed it, and commanded all pain out and spine align in Jesus' name! His eyes got huge! I asked him how it felt, and breathless he said it was better! I told him, "Jesus loves you man! God bless you!" And we left! Jesus Is Lord!!! We could have argued and made his night awful, but instead we gave him the kingdom! Yayyy Jesus! This life is amazing!!!