Bladder Could Not Hold Urine after 5 Surgeries

Williams George

I feel the Holy Spirit telling me to share this healing testimony: In the year 2005, I met Mr. Kopiyo who had just retired having been a Teachers' Training College Principal. He had gone through five consecutive operations as a result of diabetic condition. Due to this, his urinal path (bladder) was interfered with and could not hold his urine. He could not attend any public gathering because his urine flew non stop and worst still, his doctors told him his condition could not be cured. He was advised by his doctors to buy napkins to nap himself with just to replace at intervals.  At the time I was a tenant in one of his many houses. I then asked him if he had tried Jesus and he told me he was a catholic believer that he fellowships holy communion every Sunday. Then I booked an appointment with him and shared with him how Jesus was beaten that he can be made whole. I told him about God's ability to do what men can not do. When I finally prayed for him and invited Jesus to restore his health and every damage caused by the numerous operations he had undergone, Jesus came and guess what? I left him & went for a mission which lasted two weeks. When I finally came back, I saw a man coming running towards me at a market square and hugging me, he was Mr. kopiyo! Before prayers, he could not put on a pair of trousers, walked with lots of difficulties, could not run and could not walk to public arenas! He testified to me how God healed him immediately I left him after prayers. He was shouting and jumping up and down the market square. He was fully restored!

8 years down the line, Mr. Kopiyo has been completely healed all the way and has been telling people about God's ability to heal irrespective of the nature of the disease/sickness one suffers from. Yes all because Christ, the anointed one and His anointing is at work through us. It's His anointing that destroys/breaks the yokes of the devil! Jesus wins, praise ye His name!