Prayer Cloth Heals Woman of Terminal Cancer - Chuck Parry - Bethel

June.27.2014 (TGN shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

A week before Chuck Parry left for a ministry trip to Russia, he had some of the Healing Rooms team members pray over a prayer cloth to send to a 30-year-old woman in Oregon, who had terminal cancer. But Chuck misplaced it, so they prayed over another for her. When he got to Russia, Chuck found the original prayer cloth in his pocket, so in one of the healing meetings there, he asked if there might be a woman in the audience who was in her 30s and had terminal cancer. One lady signaled that she fit that description. That night, 50% of her level 10 pain left, and she was full of joy. The next night, all her pain left, and energy surged through her body. She quit taking her pain meds. She slept through the night for two nights and was doing great.

She lives two hours by plane to the East in the Ural Mountains and someone happened to tell her pastor, who brought four people, and they all got healed. She told Chuck, "I did not know that God thought about us this way."