Sore on Foot Completely Healed - Jerry Fox

Jerry Fox posted on The Greater News.

Jerry Fox Jan 25
Jesus is doing so much right now! The other day I posted that I prayed for a woman in Walmart for a really bad sore she had on her foot. When I laid hands on her foot the power of God came on her and she felt a heat in her foot. Well I saw her today, and she was so excited to tell me the sore healed that night, and the entire callous fell off while she was sleeping. She said all pain left after I prayed for her and the sore completely healed up that evening. Praise Jesus!!
I was then able to share how Jesus paid for all sickness & disease on the whipping post in Isaiah 53:4,5. In the middle of the store with many people walking by, I simply shared the Gospel with her in a way she could understand. Thank you again Jesus for letting me be a part of this miracle.