Ankle Hanging From Leg After Severe Break, Swollen and Blue, is Healed Instantly - Bethel

July.18.2014  (TGN shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

Friday night (Jan 31) at the healing meeting, Randy Clark was having people stand who had metal in their bodies, or impaired mobility as a result of surgeries. Several people were healed, and then a couple of people were healed over the phone. Then there was one testimony of a healing over text message. My cousin's mother-in-law (Donna) had fallen on Dec. 16 and broken her ankle so severely that her foot was literally hanging from her leg. I sent my uncle a text to let her know that "God was healing ankles through texts."

That night Donna went to bed, and her foot was swollen and blue. She was barely able to walk with crutches. At that point the surgeon and physical therapist said they were in for 6 months of difficult recovery, at which point there would still be things that are physically impossible. Saturday morning she got up to walk to the washroom and got half way there before she and her husband realized she was WALKING without crutches. There was absolutely no pain, her foot was no longer blue and her toes were completely normal. She started doing things that were physically impossible the night before.

She and her husband decided to go out for breakfast to celebrate. They were on their way to Cora's (a breakfast restaurant) when they received a text from my uncle asking if there was a healing and explaining what God was doing the night before. They met for breakfast and she was able to wear her normal winter boots that she wasn't going to be able to wear for a full year.