HIV Healed in the Name of JESUS - Rock Mcilvain

Rock Mcilvain - July 2013

I talked to a lady who I prayed for a couple of months ago for healing. It was a few times talking before she shared with me what she needed prayer for. I told her many, many testimonies and shared the love of the Father before I asked her what she needed healing for? I asked her if the Father was standing in front of you right now what would you ask him for. She told me that she would ask to be healed of HIV of 11 years! I immediately ministered healing to her! I told her to go as soon as possible and get retested and she agreed. Two days ago I went to her house and she shared with me her test results. She said she was called back to her doctor’s office because they thought something was wrong with the first test. She returned to her doctor for another test and both of them were negative! HIV healed in Jesus Name!!!