Cancer Patient at Death's Door is Healed - Rock Mcilvain

Rock Mcilvain - July 2013

I ministered healing to lady on Tuesday with cancer who was in ICU at a local hospital near me. The family was called to say their goodbyes. She was not responsive and everyone had given up on her! The next day to everyone’s surprise she awakes saying she is hungry! The nurse asked her was she sure she wanted to eat because she hadn’t eaten anything before. She was alert and ate very well! The nurse also asked if she could get her some pain meds to make her comfortable and to her surprise the lady told her she didn’t feel any pain at all! Her doctors were called in and they have moved her out of ICU into a regular room! Eating and pain free! By the way her doctors are running all kinds of test to see what has happened! Healing has happened!

"UPDATE!!! The lady that had cancer has went home and is doing amazing!!!!! Pain free and no symptoms at all! The family is putting pressure on doctors for test results but they keep saying that they are still looking at all the test carefully! C'mon that's my King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"