Entire Family is Healed of Severe and Deadly Food Allergies - Bethel

July.22.2014 (TGN shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

After 12 long years of dealing with severe/deadly food allergies, all four of our children and I were healed Sunday evening at church after hearing the woman's testimony that the Lord healed her child of food allergies and ADD.

The Lord spoke to both my husband and me, and we knew it was our family's time. We have stood in faith for years and have seen many miracles and breakthroughs in our family over the years—even the healing of autism and ADHD. We have declared it and prayed for it for years. We have just been waiting for the manifestation of it. Thank you, Jesus, for in your perfect timing, we are walking in our manifested healing.

The woman said she and her family went out for pizza after church to celebrate the healing of
her child, but, since it was late, no pizza shop was open, so we headed straight to the doughnut shop. All of my children and I ate a delicious doughnut. Yep, one of the forbidden foods. Not a hospital visit, a rash, or bleeding skin.

Yay, God! Since then, it has been a party of unknown foods to my children: pizza, bread, pancakes, eggs, milk and so on. Thank you for sharing the woman's testimony Sunday evening. Because of that, God got to do it again! I am forever thankful for that. God is awesome.