Rash Clears and Hearing is Restored - Bethel

July.18.2014 (TGN shared from Bethel website- link is on our connections page)

I just wanted to encourage and bless you guys there in Redding, with what God is doing through you, and through the messages you bring across the world. My wife and I were watching a recording on iBethel of your Sunday 13th October evening service last week after a long day at work. As Bobby was bringing his words, there was first one about skin conditions. My wife often suffers with spots/acne, and we prayed for her arm there and then as there was an outbreak on her arm. While we were praying, and the service continued to play, this rash cleared up in front of our eyes in a way we have never witnessed before.

As Bobby continued to speak, he gave word about restoration of hearing. My wife has been partially deaf as long as I have known her and has often had to rely on lip reading to understand what people are saying. Fueled by increased faith through the first healing, we prayed for her hearing. Since that day, she has had almost perfect hearing. She no longer needs to lip read, no longer needs to have the subtitles on TV/films, and has declared she now finds music confusing as she can hear so many parts overlapping that she never used to hear!