Man Healed of Asthma and Pain in Hand from Surgery Disappeared - Sandy Medina Weinberg

Sandy Medina Weinberg (TGN shared from facebook July 2014)

Went to a ministry event this evening and met a gentleman who had surgery on his hand earlier today. He wasn't invited to this BBQ event, which was at a church in Lancaster. He was homeless and wandered in the patio area until he found himself among board & care owners and healthcare administrators & professionals. I watched intentionally from a distance as the event leadership moved quickly to serve the man, with dignity and respect.

At just the right time I responded to my cue from God and went over to meet the gentleman. He explained that he was still waiting for his prescription to be filled and that he was in pain.

Jesus took care of that right on the spot for the man. Pain instantly gone. Jesus joy ... on our lips.

As I began to walk away he asked, "Are you an evangelist or something?" I paused. I don't know why. Then said, "Yes I am."

Then ... he proceeded to tell me the story of how he became "born again". When he was a boy ... his parents took him to a Kathryn Kuhlman Healing Crusade. He suffered terribly from asthma. He said he remembered Ms Kuhlman laying hands on him and commanding the asthma to leave his body, in Jesus' name. From that day on he's never had any asthma. And he gave his heart to Jesus that day. Our encounter reminded him that God is still with him, no matter his circumstance.

No doubt, this man had an encounter with - Jesus - as he received the gift of deliverance from great pain after surgery. And I walked away praising God in my mind, because I received further confirmation of what is being asked of me.

Only God does stuff like this. Only God, because of God, for God. Praise Him alone.