Cartilage Regrows After Doctors Say that is Impossible - Bethel

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA - July 2013

Cartilage regrows:

"Over the years my knees have been prayed for multiple times, but I had pretty much given up as of the last few years, excepting my fate of early on set arthritis due to the lack of cartilage in my knees after multiple patella (knee cap) dislocations and an eventual breaking of the bone and tearing of ligaments that happened 8 years ago (which ended a football scholarship). 
  During the message and testimonies of healings at the work place, in a small voice God simply said, “your knee”. And I responded, “yep I have a bad knee”, more matter of fact than a realization that God wanted to make something happen.
After spending some time in a small prayer group one of the girls I was with hopped up and said,  “I want to get my back prayed for." We began praying for her and I got hit with massive tingling and just engulfed in Gods presence. The prayer lasted 10 seconds for her and that’s all God needed and she began stretching and moving and was healed.
Then, one of the business guys, said "I feel like there is someone with a knee problem that God wants to heal." After how the morning was going I knew that had to be for me. The First thing we did before praying was listen to my knee pop and scrape loudly and as I squatted a few times. [Note - this scraping noise in his knee was so loud you could easily hear it all across the room]

I was then prayed for and we tested, and my knees made the same noises when we tested. We prayed again and I tried to summon as much faith as I could and a funny thing happened as everyone started praying for a creative miracle.

I felt my skin get tight in my knee. Almost like it began swelling and was uncomfortable. It felt that way because the space that has been without much cartilage for 8 years just grew some new cartilage. This by the way is impossible according to my doctors, Cartilage cannot be grown by the body. So I just experienced the impossible and it rocked me."

[He then started squatting again 4-5 times and there was NO NOISE. The silence was actually freaky compared to what we had heard earlier]