Hitting the Streets of Oceanside, CA with Jesus - Many Healings

Steve Harmon  Oct 8, 2011

So today, me and Erik decided to go down to the Oceanside beach Amphitheater and do a little worship on the guitar and beat-box. On our way there, 2 backs got healed, one guys sight got healed instantly in which he was seeing really blurred vision from being punched in the face the night before, a girl's ankle got healed and got prophesied over, she walked away from God 10 months ago cause her dad died of a disease. A knee got healed; guy was shocked. One Christian girl beat this non-believer guy over the head with the bible being really antagonistic, we then apologized to the guy for it and told him that not all Christians are like that. He was thankful and relieved. There was more that happened all night, but overall, Jesus is winning back this town and the region!