Pain in Wrist Instantly Bows to Jesus - Canada

Ernie Aragon Jr.  Jul 14, 2013


An old high school classmate who now lives in Canada sent me an FB message the other Sunday night. For three years, he had a growth on his wrist which didn't cause him any pain. However, the past two weeks, he had intense pain such that he couldn't use his whole arm very well. After a single command, he felt a tingling or electricity in his wrist. The pain left completely and immediately and he said that it seems that the growth/mass had shrunk in size. He said that he believes he can do pushups and I told him to try it out. He did pushups without pain at all. He messaged me just now that there's absolutely no pain at all but sometimes a very very mild discomfort. I commanded healing again and the discomfort vanished.