Metal Disappears and Dead Leg Comes Back to Life - Paul Rapley

Paul Rapley June 2013

A wild testimony from Zagreb: Damir Krcivoj had metal rods and plates in his back. Hrvoje Stojan prayed for him a little while back and he was moving his back in a completely new way then before. But not perfectly yet. So he comes on Tuesday to a service here in Zagreb. Gets prayed over by someone else in the service and his leg that had no feeling for more than ten years has feeling (actually happened when his leg grew out). So he goes to the doctor the next day. He tells the doc to test his reflexes. The doc tells him that his leg is dead - nothing will happen. He finally convinces the doctor to do it and his leg shoots up so fast when she hits the knee with the little hammer thingy that the doctor almost gets a broken nose! So then Thursday night comes and he gets prayed for by someone else in a service as they all lay hands on each other and all of the metal now appears to be gone. He can do the bridge. Full mobility. He is quite happy! So Friday he is eating on the ground and when he tries to get up he is in extreme pain. This persists. Finally he sees the doctor and the doctor is now convinced that the metal is gone and that the reason for the problem is that the back muscles were not used all of the time that the rods were in the back but now they are being used and not used to it. So they start giving him shots twice a day for the pain. So Hrvoje Stojan and I went to visit him. After a few rounds of prayer, he is now doing good again - no more pain. While we are praying the doctor shows up to give him his next shot. Which he declines . So all seems to be well for him now . You can feel free to pray that it stays that way . Anyways, just another normal kingdom adventure with the Holy Spirit... Jesus is still King!!