Back Pain Healed Even After Mocking Him - FBI Art

Fbi Art Montgomery

On the streets. Stopped as I was going home and talked to this big maybe 6"4" black man sitting down with this other lady. I asked him if he had any pain in his body. He said NO, only back pain from many years. I told to say Good Bye to that pain. He looked at me funny but did it. As I started to pick up his legs to check the length. He said " Do not play doctor with me". Mockingly. I ignored it and started commanding that pain to in a quick prayer to go and binding it up. Then I told him to get up and test it. He did. He said the pain is gone with a shocked look on his face. Then he said " I need to take you with me to down town San Diego to keep it from coming back. I said in Jesus name back pain never come back. The devil keeps trying to get in there no matter what. Just smack him down with the Name of Jesus. Blessings champions.