CEO Asks Christian to Pray for Storm to Leave

Bethel Church Dream Culture, Redding CA

Dave is the President of Sales for an international pet supplies company. His unsaved CEO had a headache so Dave prayed for him and the pain completely left. A couple months later the company had an outdoor function for new clients. The event was about to be cancelled due to an incoming storm. Dave’s CEO turned to him and suggested he pray because “If God can heal headaches through you, couldn’t He fix the weather?” While the unsaved CEO was telling the whole team about the previous answered prayer, Dave frantically requested Heaven’s help (called Andy who got his 8yr old to pray – prayed a dome of protection). Within ten minutes the weather changed allowing their event to proceed as planned. Dave is now the recognized go-to-guy for supernatural assistance and strategy. He is a modern-day Joshua or Daniel whose demonstration of a good God is resulting in his clients, colleagues and CEO getting exposed and invited into their own partnership with the Father.