Breakthrough in Mental Illness - Sven Lager

Sven Lager  Jul 16, 2013

Praise report: breakthroughs into mental illnesses. For the first time we see a pattern with depression, drug addiction, schizophrenia, bipolar. It always starts with an encounter, encouraging the afflicted, telling them of Gods love. Then if they accept Jesus its baptism of the Holy Spirit. Mostly within two weeks the enemy attacks again with fear and doubt, so we walk this with the people prayed for, resisting the liar and reaffirming the Good News. They are not alone. Then often they go back to their lives and slowly improve. Within months they are new persons.
Just heard form a lady who was bipolar and who had taken pshycedelic drugs and was abused, now a year after our prayers and meetings is absolutely fine and happy and believing. When we baptised her in Holy Spirit back then there was no sign and she even didn't remember us doing it later :)
The word of God never returns void. Selah!