Drug Demon is Cast Out and Victim Experiences Freedom - Tom and Ahava Fischer

Thomas Fischer (TGN shared from facebook July 2014)

Many people judge by what they see with their eyes instead of being led by the Spirit. Today, Ahava and I were casually strolling down Main St. in Greenville and I felt impressed to talk to this man.

I told him he needed prayer for something concerning his stomach. He said, "Yes, I have acid reflux and I need freedom from drugs."

He was ready to repent and so I had him renounce sorcery (because illicit drug use is sorcery and demons use the stomach as their stronghold).

When I was done, I felt very light, so I knew he was feeling light and free. He said, "Yes, I feel light. I feel as if a burden has lifted."

The sign in the background says, "Fidelity". Ahava Sarah Fischer