Black Spots on Lung and Torn Aorta Healed

Dean John  Jul 14, 2013

Just received this email from my Senior Pastor

"Hi Church
Just got back from ministering to a great Church up the coast and heard that God has answered the prayers that you have all been praying for Sue’s sister.
Leanne was taken from Goulburn hospital to Canberra hospital with black spots on her lungs and aorta where they found that the aorta had a tear and there were blood clots in the aorta.
They were unable to do surgery there and flew her to Royal North Shore to operate. As they prepped her they did tests again to see what they had to do and found that the tear had disappeared and so had the blood clots. As from today which is 12 hours after being admitted from Canberra, they have decided to send her home.
God is truly amazing and is a God of miracles and so is the power of prayer when we unite together and pray.
Sue and her family asked me to give you all a huge thanks and to give God the praise He deserves.
Ps. Hope you all had a great day in Church and look forward to a fantastic week ahead with the blessings of God upon your lives."