Stage 4 Breast Cancer Healed after Sozo (Inner Healing)



A woman was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in June and had been so sick that she was receiving IVs just to get her to the point where she would be able to have chemo. She had a Sozo at her church, at the end of which the Sozo minister prayed for her physical healing. A lot of inner healing was done with the result that she had a tremendous sense of peace as she left the church.  Not only did she feel peace, but she was without pain and felt "in good health" immediately upon leaving the church.  Not long after that, she went in to the doctor to have a scan done to see how the cancer was progressing.  After getting the results, her oncologist told her that her cancer was gone. It's a stunning, amazing and awesome answer to prayer!  She went from having a very aggressive form of cancer that she "would never recover from" to having a cancer free body! Incredible. She never had to have any chemo because the Lord healed her.