"Look at me!" She said and the Blind Woman's Eyes Opened - Don Allen

Don Allen shared this testimony with TGN 7/12/14 - http://twoguysandabible.com/

I shared the testimony of the woman healed from cancer just by someone speaking to her. (link below)


After her cancer disappeared, she asked if we could come and pray for her mother who had neuropathy in her legs, was bed fast and in great pain.

A group from our healing school volunteered. Some had never made a home visit before. They walked in and found the woman in bed and began to minister to her, commanding those legs to be healed in Jesus name.

One of our ladies told this woman to, "Look at me!"

She said this a few times and finally the daughter of the bed fast woman informed them, "She can't look at you, she is blind."

Our group would have none of it! They spoke to those eyes and she began to see shapes. They commanded and she made out faces. They demanded and that woman opened her eyes and could read their tee shirts!

All pain in her legs had left and her blind eyes were opened. John 14:12. Get to work people of God.