She said, "I have cancer." Response was, "No you don't" - Don Allen

Don Allen submitted this testimony to TGN July 2014

We meet every Tuesday in a local coffee shop to record our tv show, Christ the Healer. The place was packed out. Thank God the fire marshal doesn't work nights! We have a very large core group who have been with us for quite some time and as always, we will see some new faces in the audience as well.

After every recording, we open it up to minister to the sick. Lately The Lord has led me to have the people in the room begin to exercise their authority and to have them minister to the sick.

Last night as they all moved Into position to surround those who needed prayer, a new visitor was making her way up front to me. As she was coming up, one of our regulars asked her what was wrong with her. She said, "I have cancer."

Our girl replied, "No you don't, not anymore!"

She said, "I don't?"

"No, you don't! God has healed you!"

"He has?" She turned and continued to walk towards me, maybe just a few feet and suddenly stops, puts her hand on her chest and with a look of bewilderment says, "Something just... I'm not sure but, something has just entered into my body... I have no pain, my body doesn't hurt anymore. Something, I'm not sure, but look! I don't have cancer anymore! I don't have cancer anymore!"

The cancer that was covering her legs was gone. That's the power of Gods spoken word!

***Update 7/11/14 - Don Allen- Not that we did not already know, but we Just received confirmation from her caregiver that indeed the cancer is gone.