Leader of Sex Trafficking Submits to Jesus - Bethel

Bethel Church Dream Culture Redding

Two women on street see a girl in process of being abducted by some men. They call to a passing policeman but he turns away and ignores it. Not knowing what to do they pray and begin to worship as they walk up to the men. As they approach they offer the men a drink of water. The men are confused and in that moment let go of the girl who escapes. The women then buy the men a meal learning they are a sex trafficking gang and trapped in a vicious cycle of control. Over the next twelve months the girls regularly meet up with the gang leader showing him real love and talking to him about a better future. He then disappears and they don’t know where he has gone. A month later he shows up wanting to meet. He says “When I’m with you, I feel peace. How can I get that for myself?” The women introduce him to Jesus. Six months later he has a normal job and the kingdom continues to advance! (Doug, Asian nation)