Ear Problem Healed through SKYPE and Word of Knowledge

David Weekley  Jul 9, 2013

More Healing Testimonies ~ Healed of ear problem through Word of Knowledge

I was on a Skype call earlier this afternoon, and Holy Spirit was activating students in Words of Knowledge (1 Cor 12:8). One of the words given happened to be that the LORD wanted to heal an ear problem. While no one on the call had an ear problem, I explained that this word may well be for a family member or a friend. Of course, once this was clear it was affirmed the word was 100% on target. One of the participant's spouses was experiencing a significant ear problem.

The student with the Word of Knowledge prayed for him & declared Healing in Jesus' Name. Within an hour after the class, his ear problem was completely cleared up. The problem had him completely desperate, as it had affected his hearing. Then BAM! Ear fully Healed & all hearing restored. Holy Spirit, You are Amazing. Just saying.