Couple Cleared Their House of All Occult Items and Sciatica Was Healed - John Mellor

John Mellor (TGN shared from facebook)

A powerful testimony was sent in this morning from the UK: Dear Julie,
I have received and read the books you sent me. "Searching for Healing" in particular has woken me up completely. The search for a "cure" within the New Age field sounds very similar to ours. In the end it has cost us bags of money with no solution; a huge disappointment. "Miracles from the Dust", is very inspirational. Both books have given us lots of hope and strength to carry on.

Last Saturday, after talking to our pastor, Rodney, during our Saturday meeting, it became clear that parting with all items in our house that had a connection with the occult was necessary. The sooner the better. We had a prayer together and asked God to fill our house with his loving, healing energy.
After that there was no stopping me: Small Bhuddas and other occult ornaments went in the outside bin, big Bhudda in the skip (didn't have and axe to decapitate it , all dodgy and New Age books (and there were many!) torn up and to recycling bins far away from our house etc. I have put lovely bouquets of flowers throughout the house. Sunday morning during the church service we were moved by the power of God and both cried during the songs of praise. By then Andy was still in excruciating pain with sciatica. Last night after saying the Our Father,
we went to bed thinking it would probably be another sleepless night for Andy...but miraculously, for the first time since a very long time, he slept the entire night without having to go to the bathroom several times and this morning there was no pain! Sciatica gone. We were over the moon, let me tell you.
Julie, I am so grateful for having found John and you. Last Saturday we have finally chosen for God to be our one and only ruler, Father, saviour... We will do everything to let nothing else stand in the way.
We can't wait to see you in September. We have decided to come straight away on the first night, 3rd September. In the meantime we keep preparing with Rodney, who by the way, has asked to come with us in September. He is crystal clear about the power of God and the ongoing fight between Good and evil. We are so, so grateful to have been made aware of that once again.
With all our love and blessings,
Andy and Regina

We receive many testimonies such as this from people who've read Julie's book, received revelation and been delivered as they repent of things they weren't aware are part of the occult.