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N.P.A & Spirit Translation

Posted by Freshwind in Supernatural Testimonies

Dec 28, 2012

Sometime ago, I prayed for a man and his spirit was translated to another place about five hours away from where we were. There he met a woman. He shared the gospel and she got saved. Two months later, he met the woman again, this time through Facebook!

A few days ago as I stood before a friend, I saw him sharing the gospel to an NPA soldier. ( The New People’s Army/ Armed wing of the communist Party of the Phil.) I lay hands on him and he was taken to the mountains and met the NPA guy. This guy confessed that they are being forced to assassinate a top ranking government official. He wanted to find a way to escape this movement. My friend led him to receive Jesus as Savior, then he was taken back to his body again.

Imagine, if the Body of Christ is more open to the supernatural power of God, more souls can be saved, and more demonic agendas against the nation can be thwarted.