BMX Bikers Meet the Authentic Love of Jesus and Are Healed - Paul Dabdoub

Paul Dabdoub (TGN shared from facebook June 2014)

We stopped at a gas station, and, in the parking lot next door, a handful of BMX bikers were doing stunts and tricks. I decided to walk over.

As they were circled together, I walked over and said, "Hey what kind of injuries do you guys have over here?"

They said, "None."

I'm like, "You've gotta be kidding me. No injuries from wiping out?"

They said, "No, we never wipe out."

I say, "Well you guys aren't riding hard enough then."

"Are you some kind of magician or something?" they asked.

I said, "No I see people get healed all the time. But I can't show you because none of you have any injuries."

Then one kid ratted one of the others out: "Well what about your knee, Toby?"

"Well what about your knee, Mike?" Toby replied.

I looked at Toby and said, "On a scale of 1-10, what's your pain right now?"

"Six," Toby replied.

"Okay, test it out really quick because it's already starting to feel better."

Toby tried it out and told me that it was already 40% better.

I said, "Cool. Now give me your hand....Jesus, I ask that You'd bring your presence and power and love upon Toby so that he can feel you, and I command the rest of this pain to get out in Jesus name....Test it out."

He tested it out and it was 100% better. And I prophesied over his life.

I turned to Mike. "Okay Mike..."

He started waving me off. Not me, man. I don't want."

I walked up to him and just said, "Dude, just shake my hand." He took my hand and I prophesied about how he's authentic and the real deal and that he has a gift of leadership and he would lead mighty men. And then I told the pain to go.
"Test it out."

He starts to move around.

I said, "Well, how does it feel ?"

He said, "Like I just took a bunch of painkillers."

As I turn to leave behind my back one of my friends Shane could see one of the guys mouthing, "Oh my God" to the other guys.

And surprised we're not sermonizing them, Mike (the leader) speaks up: "Hey are you guys on some kind of a mission or something? Or a church? What are you doing?"

I said, "We're doing this because Jesus loves you. He doesn't need anything from you. He just loves you and wants a relationship with you....And by the way, I'm sorry for the people who've hurt you and put you off that were religious. This is the real Jesus, and this is what He's like."

And as we walked away the group of them just stayed still and watched us leave.

Jesus NY

— with Jeremiah BullFrog Harvey, Chuck Relyea, Cassie Relyea and Shane Reeves.