Man Raised Back to Life After Being Dead for 15 Minutes - Randy Clark

Randy Clark (TGN shared from facebook)

June 3, 2014

I have to share this testimony with you. It was sent to me by the pastor of Liberty Christian Church in Auckland and it is amazing. God is so good!

"Just have to tell you of a stunning testimony of God’s goodness from Friday.

Patolo, who you met at the school, almost didn’t go to work on Friday because he was so tired after the school, but he had a lot of work to do so made the effort. At the end of the day one of his work mates collapsed with a heart attack. He wasn’t breathing and had no heartbeat so another of his workmates (who was trained in first aid) performed CPR on this guy for about 10-15 minutes before Patolo came onto the scene.

The guy wasn’t responding to the CPR at all and was starting to change colour and was going purple despite the mouth to mouth and the chest compressions. Patolo laid hands on the guy who had collapsed and commanded life back into his body. Immediately the guy took a huge breath and began to breathe again. A short time after that the ambulance arrived and the guy is now in hospital recovering.

We have never had anything like this happen before but as you can imagine we are in awe and excited for more."