Private Airline Attendant Healed of Crohn's Disease and Shares With Bruce Willis - Don Allen

Don Allen contacted TGN and gave us this testimony to share

My cousin, Heather, is an airline attendant. But no ordinary attendant. She is a private attendant that works for a very high end airline. She caters to the likes of Rod Stewart, Byonce, Bruce Willis, and many others.

While she was working for Bruce Willis she had a reoccurrence of Crohn's disease. It was bad enough that she had told them she would have to quit her job. My mom found out about it and suggested that we pray over one if our ministry tee shirts and mail it to her to sleep in. So we did, according to Acts 19:11-12. We instructed her and left it at that.

About 2 weeks later she called us, crying, and informed us that as she slept in that shirt, all symptoms left her body and she continued her employment. Not just that, but when asked by Bruce Willis as to what happened, she shared the entire story as it had taken place and told him, " I don't know if you believe or not, but here I am, healed!"