Man Had Brain Tumors, Unable to Walk, On His Death Bed - John Mellor

John Mellor - TGN shared from facebook

February 24, 2014

Dave was diagnosed with late stage brain tumors and came from Adelaide to our meeting this morning in Minlaton and was laid on a mattress at the back of the church because he was so weak and unable to walk, mainly due to extreme dizziness. John prayed for him and he felt well enough to sit up and then walk to the front with assistance and then to stand and walk on his own. He and his wife were over the moon with the transformation. Dave's friend, standing behind him in the third photo, encouraged him to come to the meetings and flew down from Kilarney, QLD, to make sure he got there.

When the friend first arrived at Dave's house, the talk had been of funeral arrangements and death, and Dave hadn't eaten in ten days. But with encouragement, talk was turned around to hope for a miracle and Dave even ate a meal. It's never over until it's over and we've seen Jesus restore people on the brink of death to perfect health, so never give up believing for a miracle and standing in the gap and encouraging friends & loved ones who've been given a death sentence by doctors, because God can intervene where there's faith and prayer.