Lung Infection and Collapsed Spine Healed - John Mellor

John Mellor (TGN shared from facebook)

June 4 , 2014

Lynette shared a wonderful testimony of how she was inspired to pray for the sick straight after our seminar on Saturday where John encouraged people who received impartation to immediately use the gifting.

After the seminar she dropped by to see her husband at his place of work with the disabled. A man in a wheelchair had a lung infection that medication wasn't helping and had been constantly coughing and had a hole in his back from where a drain had been inserted. Lynette touched his shoulder and he slumped forward in the Spirit and she prayed for him. Later that night when her husband came home, he reported that the man was healed - he had stopped coughing and was well.

Straight after visiting her husband, she went to the Noodle Box to get dinner and a man came in, obviously in pain as he sat down very gingerly. She asked him what was wrong and he said he had a collapsed spine and one arm was numb and the other tingly and he'd been in pain for a long time. She asked to pray for him and told him that God was going to start healing him. She placed her hand on his spine and could feel that his spine wasn't normal and as she started to pray she felt heat in her arm and told the man that he would feel heat in his back, which he did and it spread down the sides of his body taking the numbness, pain and tingling with it!

Awesome Jesus, healing anyone, anywhere, anytime, if we step out boldly and offer to pray in His mighty name!