Open Wound From Moped Accident Disappears - Christian Snellman

Christian Snellman  Dec 4, 2011

Hey guys, thought I'd share a testimony that happened last night.

Me and my girlfriend Emma was at a youth volleyball tournament.
And this girl came up to us, asking for prayer for her wound.

She had a accident with her moped, and she had a about 10cm wound (0.3feet) ;P on her left side of her stomach. So we layed hands on her and commanded her body to back to its created value, and all damage that she got from the accident to be healed in Jesus Name.

I told her to get up and walk around and check it out (if there's any pain left)..
She went to the locker room, was gone for a good while, came back with the biggest face of amazement I've seen in a while, and yelled to us with eyes filled with tears, THE WOUND IS GONE! :) (there was only like.. a small.. hmm.. redness left? haha ;P)

She turned around and ran over to her friends and showed them her stomach and they were amazed of what happened :)

Yay God :).. First time I've seen an open wound disappear. :)