Homeless Man's Deaf Ear Opens Up - Jesse Snow

Jesse Snow  Dec 3, 2011

My friend Peter Goodgame and I saw a homeless guy's deaf ear open up this morning. His left one was deaf because of a landmine explosion in the Gulf War. Peter spoke to the left ear while the guy (Michael) covered up his right ear. He turned to me and said, "Did he just say 'ear canal open up in Jesus' name?" I was like yep that's what he said and he and his wife couldn't believe that he could hear it. Then tested it out, I said different things and walked further back each time while Michael repeated what I said to Pete. I got 20 feet away and he could hear me better than I could hear him repeating me! When I came back to see him a couple hours later he was listening to the radio with both headphones and was like "I can hear both sides!"