Ended Up Texting Prayer After Being Interrupted - Michael Tschida

Michael Tschida  Dec 4, 2011

Ok I got one for you that's a little weird. I was hanging out with a couple of my friends last night, and we went to this dance that was an outreach opportunity for one of the ministries on my campus. After the dance the one friend of mine told me her back hurt, well i completely didn't think about it and as we were driving her home I was all like wait let me pray for your back, does it still hurt? She said yes, but as soon as she said yes, the other girl started singing obnoxiously, like the devil was definitely trying to distract me, and Honestly I couldn't focus. So i told the girl i'll get you when we stop. That didn't happen either, when we stopped her friend yet again did something to prevent me from praying, interrupting me etc. So i was fed up. I went inside took out my phone and texted her. I told her to put her hand on her back where it hurt as she read it, and then i just prayed over her back and commanded the pain to leave for the tightness to leave and for relaxation and peace in her back , said be healed and said night. She texts me back, my back is all better, no more pain. Praise the lord lol even over cell phones :D

HAHAHAHA Take that Devil!!