Supernatural Smells Accompanied Their Healings of Vision - Paul Rapley

Paul Rapley (TGN shared from facebook June 2014)

What a remarkable meeting!!! Day 2 in Mexicali. Around a hundred healings. God healed through the people doing prophetic acts, giving them a flashback of something to do, accompanied by a supernatural smell, through an impression, just by having compassion on the sick, etc.

I think my favorite was accompanied by supernatural smell. The people declared a release of a smell from heaven to accompany the eyes of the person they were ministering to being healed. And then a number of people shared about smelling different things (cinnamon, vanilla, fruit, perfume, etc.) and could read fine. It was interesting getting their testimonies as I started to smell on some of them what they had smelled as they were getting ministered to. Yep, that's my Jesus - he likes to be outside the box!! With Apóstol César Coronado and family...