9 Year Old Hears the Voice of God Perfectly - TGN Exclusive

Giovanni Merrin Submitted this amazing testimony to TGN:

Out of the mouth of babes:

Today I had the honor to teach at Freedom Church Red Bluff with my 9yr old daughter Tatiana on "The Prophetic" (Hearing the Voice of God).

On the ride down I asked Tatiana to ask God who does he want to bless at the church with an encouraging word?  Jesus always demonstrated what He taught.

She took a piece of paper and wrote down the name Frank (Who is a complete stranger to her), Blonde hair, brown eyes, he likes to draw and he is really good at it, he get's inspired by everything he see's and that he will inspire many people with his creativity.

As I shared how God wants to speak through all of us to build each other up, draw people closer to him and bring words of comfort to people. I had her stand up and demonstrate what that looks like.

She read   what she felt God was saying about Frank. There was no Frank at this meeting today because he was at another facility with the youth group!

The Pastors confirmed that Frank's natural hair color was blonde as he has aged gracefully, he is an artist and is very ,very creative and gets inspired by everything around him as he designs and builds very intricate pieces of artwork that inspires others!

Naturally as a Father my heart leaped with joy as I watched Tatiana step out in faith and witnessed God move through her to bless a someone she has never met before.

This testimony reveals that God still speaks to us today, He has amazing things to say about you and when you step out in faith HE ALWAYS SHOWS UP!

I want to encourage you to take a minute and ask God what amazing things  He has to say about YOU! Just wait and listen because when you call, He will answer.