Relief From Intense Hot Flashes After Prayer - Bethel

TGN shared from Bethel website - their link can be found on our connections page


I asked for prayer [at the Healing Rooms] over the sudden onset of extremely intense hot flashes. (They were hijacking me.) I was having 10 to 14 a day, almost every hour I was awake and being awakened in the night. This has been going on for only two weeks. At 46 years of age, this is somewhat the time frame it could be expected, but they showed up so suddenly, and with such intensity, I thought they could take me out.

After my prayer team (a guy and gal) prayed peace over the rhythms of my body and peace to my female systems, I left and didn't notice a change until the next day—and every day since. I saw the flashes significantly diminish and reduce to two or three times a day— with way less intensity, much more manageable—and yesterday, I didn't have a single one. This is such a personal healing as it's a personal private area of my life. I feel as though Jesus has indicated in such a personal way that He knows my ins and outs completely. So very lovely!

Before entering the prayer room, I felt the Lord say to me, "Imagine when the flashes come that it's Me, and you're aware of how completely I am in you." As my team prayed, the woman prayed the exact same thing, confirming what I'd already heard in the soaking room. I wept and made light of it in the following days. When I felt one coming, I imagined Him saying, "Here I come," and it helped me to stay away from the edge of panic! And now they are so very mild.

I'm so thankful for the team in the Healing Rooms and for this amazing personal relief. Thank you for listening well. I am blessed.